Communication is an important part because without it every person is useless. When a person cannot share– something with someone they can’t live. For example, a person who works in an office without this how he can live there and how he can do their work?


Types of communication

  1. Verbal- it means a communication where we talk with each other directly like face to face. In this, we usually use words and speak through voice. Verbal means talking with each other without any use of filter words, or gestures. Because it is the easier method to give information to others. We can’t use any gestures or any other signs to talk with them.
  2. Nonverbal- Nonverbal is a method where we can not use our voice to talk with someone. Here we use gestures, signs, and body language to give them information. For example, we are in the classroom and doing some moves in class and these moves distract all the students and the teacher. Then the teacher asked us not to do this without speaking with gestures only.
  3. The visual-visual method is the method where we give information to each other with pictures, graphs, etc. This method is usually used in offices for giving presentations and in special schools where special students study who can not hear or talk. In those places, they use visual methods for teaching them and for giving them good lessons.
  4. Written – written is the most used method. Like when we give information to someone in a written way. When it comes to the offices the owner or manager is not able to communicate with everyone. So they used this method to give some information to all. They write their information on a note or a letter and send it to all their departments. 
  5. Listening – listening is the method to take information from someone. Where we listen to someone without any heritage and take information from them easily. It is also used in offices where the manager gives information on phones with voice notes. It is like when we take information from t.v also.

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