Digital marketing is a process of marketing products or services to customers via digital channels and via internet. It is also known as digital advertising.
Today hundreds of businesses engage in marketing, they find it easier and more cost-effective to reach a number of people through this way.


It is use of digital media to market products. There are plenty of websites. Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Baby code etc. where people can buy products very easily without leave the house. If we required to buy anything like clothes, medicines, groceries, food, technical tools, toys, accessories then we purchased through online websites.

Digital marketing


The main challenge is to provide accurate information of right products so customer can reach easily at the right customer. That’s why digital marketing come in. it is easy to target the right product reach at their right person. It is very successful platform rather than other things. Finding and targeting the right audience gives sales drastically. There are so many ways and tools to use for analyzing and suggesting for marketing. This helps seller market their own products.
Digital marketing makes shopping easier for consumer. If the sellers know about what target is consumer wants, it makes marketing so much easier than compared to outbound marketing. It gives you to analyze what worked where, for who and how much so that, the next time, that they can target a more recover for consumer. Marketing also helps to build a brand and reputation. Digital Marketing can provide substantially increase in selling anything.


There are various benefits of marketing

  • REACHING AT INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE- one of the biggest advantages of marketing is that it has eliminated all type of barriers. Now we can open doors to foreign countries and services to customer living miles away. We can market with just a one click.
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER PERENNIAL- As you know, it costs more attract and convert new consumers than retain existing customers. It’s finalized a sale with your customers it is also better to retain customers after sale. A customer retained can make another purchase or brand, which helps increase sale.

INTERACTIVE MARKETING- interactive marketing is about two-way interaction. Branded interact with their target consumers through marketing. Furthermore, consumers interact and interest in particular brands. Both brands and consumers are aware with each other.

HIGHER ENGAGEMENT-we are aware of how people are interactive and active on social media. This gives us chance engage with customers and answer the queries.
Consumers like when brand attention to them and respond effectively. They prefer brand that value their voice. Additionally, with the help of social and marketing, we can communicate with consumers and build reputation with consumers.


There are various components that are different online advertising:

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: it is a method of searching engine marketing. It uses google and other search engine to drive traffic to your website.

PAY PER CLICK: it is another form of SEO. We will be naked immediate result, whereas SEO will take time before click.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: it is a generating traffic to your website from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

EMAIL MARKETING: it is a marketing where we can collect the email address of website visitor to follow with us. It is providing value to user, offering a discount on specific product or sending an email to wish them a holiday.