Drug addiction in teenagers

Drug addiction in teenagers is the most highlighted part of today’s lives. Drugs are the most dangerous chemical for any human health. Children are in a very young age start using drugs. Especially teenagers, who always want to try new or risky things. They take drugs firstly for their enjoyment but later they become addicted to them. Later it should be harmful to their health. Because drugs are like alcohol, tobacco is easily available. 

drug addiction in teenagers

Where do children/ teenagers learn about drugs?

  1. Firstly, when parents take drugs in front of their children then children are also copying them and taking drugs.
  2. Secondly when children watch t.v., they see some ads and movies which show this type of content.
  3. Mostly, teenagers start taking drugs in the company of others. Which is not good for them. 
  4. And the other reason is taking drugs is a failure. Teenagers can’t accept failures easily, so that is also the reason when in failures they take drugs.

How do we prevent them from drugs?

  1. Parents have to understand their children. Parents have to know about their children’s activity and whereabouts. And if they notice anything they should prevent them.
  2. Children have to know about their teen friends. If they notice any friend who is using drugs so they should stay away from them.
  3. Parents have to always encourage their teens. When they fail at something, parents have to give support to them and encourage them for doing it again instead of giving lectures to them and punishing them.
  4. Parents have to understand their teens about drugs. And also tell them about the drug’s negative effects. And discuss your journey with them which should be helpful for them to understand life circumstances.
  5. Parents should spend more time with their teens. Because one reason for taking drugs is also the loneliness of children. 


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