Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mansa

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mansa

Nasha Mukti Kendra is a center where they tell us about drugs. The drug that substances is taken by a normal person. Of course, these drugs are very harmful to every person. Drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and nicotine give very harmful impacts.  It may affect human behavior, his mental and physical health. Drugs are also two types:-

  1. Legal 
  2.  Illegal 

 Legal drugs:- The doctors give legal drugs which are medicines. Medicines are the types of drugs that are prescribed to their patients. And these types of drugs have permits to buy from stores, shops, and hospitals.

Illegal drugs:-Some drugs prohibited by the government which is called illegal drugs. Like alcohol, and heroin.  Which is very harmful to human health. Also, these types of drugs give an impact on the human brain and behavior. 

Nasha mukti kendra in mansa

Why do people take drugs?

Two situations when usually people take drugs:

  1. Failure:- When people are sufferings from mental torture and failure. Because today’s youth is suffering from more heartbreaks and carrier failures. Today youth is not easily tolerating failures.
  2. Bad company:- When people join bad associations it is not good for them. Students mainly join that type of bad company in schools and colleges. they also can’t describe the facts that which thing is good for them or bad for them

Nasha mukti kendra in Mansa:-

 A drug addiction center is a center where people usually go when they get rid of it. These centers are helping people to get rid of drugs. They provide many facilities to their patients. And also they provide a good and comfortable environment to patients. They have all the equipment and machines. Also, they give treatment to patients at a low cost and within their budget. They handle their patients very well. They give also a painless treatment. And New Life Foundation is a famous center in Mansa for drug addiction and drug rehabilitation. 

Methods of Nasha Mukti kendra:-

Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mansa provides many types of treatment to patients. They take care of their patients. Firstly they provide the best environment to their patients. Then they use many methods on their patients to teach them about the effects of drugs. they teach them about how to live happily without drugs. How to spend more time with our family and how to keep away from drugs. They try hard to bring people back to their old and drug-free life. 

Mainly this process comes into three phases:-

  1. The first phase:- The first phase is where the toxic substances are removed from the patient’s body and his body is made drug-free.
  2. The second phase:- Is the phase where normally patients meet with counselors and do educational and physical activities.
  3. The final phase:- Where the patients recognize their skills and strengths. And apply them throughout their lives.

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